Iced Sound establishes an aesthetic framework that includes aspects of sound art and experimental music by examining the organization of sound by combining real and virtual spatiality, by transmuting sound objects and by manipulating time through sound.

The compositions are based on both raw and algorithmicall processed field recordings that are structured regarding the melting processes of its glaciers. By means of digital signal processing the field recordings are transformed (algorithmically altered)  and layered in a way that the pieces conceive a multi-time scale experience in which the listener is confronted with zoom-ins, freezing, accelerations, aggregate state changes and die-offs.

The compositions reflect on, and make experienceable, that what we can not see, and in this case, hear: the story of overlooked and unheard fragile
landscapes, that are gradually, but also ever faster, changing, as a result of our own human actions, which have major consequences for our planet.