Alpine Glacier Fieldrecordings 2020- ongoing

At the heart of the project ICED SOUND lays sound from different field recordings, taken on-site while listening to and interacting with glacier caves and seracs, crevasses, and glacial lakes in the Swiss alps.

Since 2019, composer and musician Ramon Landolt has visited the Zinal-, Aletsch-, Rhone-, Pizol- and Morteratsch glaciers to capture the sounds of their melting. Many of them, such as Zinal, Rhône- and Morteratsch have been visited repeatedly both in summer and winter to perceive the different sonic environments. Glacial caves for instance are unpredictable entities because they appear during melting processes until winter freezes their current form, only to possibly disappear in spring again. Early hours on the glacier allowed Landolt to capture unique sounds of the cracking ice melting with the sunrise.