Music by and for Glaciers
“In the course of the project it became clear to me that I wanted to establish a conversation with the glacier. I have
developed different ways to do so: through written composition played on-site by invited artists, by improvising on-site with the real-time sonic environment and by recording
sounds and altering them afterwards.”

Landolt recounts that it is of great importance to him to not only collect but also to bring to bring something back for the glaciers. The performances include an improvisation between the performer and the glacier where the musician plays and interacts with the real-time sounds of glacier crevasses and lakes. By doing so the melting processes of this particular moment are embbed and poetically transmutated into the piece of music.

Performances have taken place on Rhone-, Morteratsch- and Zinal Glacier including musicians such as Mario Hänni dr, Tapiwa Svosve sax, Violeta Garcia cello, and Dominic Landolt e-guitar.